Ever-Green™ Solutions

Archer offers a variety of solutions crafted to suit a wide range of tenant needs, from simple cages to private data halls to fully customized designs. And we do it using green, renewable energy.

Powered Shell

Archer’s Ever-Green Powered Shell provides our tenants with best-in-class options for design input. Learn how we can work together to create the perfect fit for your business.

Data Halls

The ultimate in flexibility, Archer’s Ever-Green Data Halls provide modular fit-out options ranging from a 200kW cage to a 10,000-square foot private data hall serving 1.2 MW of critical IT load.

Your Way

Want to be involved every step of the way? Archer’s Ever-Green Your Way can help, providing development expertise and expanding inventory options to address your evolving technical and business needs.


All Archer Ever-Green™ solutions feature the ultimate in flexibility while maintaining the highest standards for security, operational support, and best-in-class deployment options.

Highly flexible, on-site Operations Support and Security

We’re proud to partner with industry-leader Salute: Mission Critical to offer support and security at our locations. Our team will work with your company to see all your service and support needs are met, whatever they may be.

Rapid, Professional Deployment

Your timeline matters to us. By engaging with our rapid deployment teams, you’ll be able to shorten your development timeline and get up and running on a schedule that meets critical business needs.

Highly secure physical and electronic environments

Our data centers are designed to meet rigorous standards set by certifying organizations, state, and federal requirements. Highly disciplined personnel manage access control, building security functions, and maintain relevant certifications and attestations.

New To The World Renewable Power

Archer’s low cost, clean and renewable sources of energy offer our clients peace of mind and long-term price certainty.

Bundled or Unbundled Services

Prefer your own internal team or service provider? All our services can be unbundled from our offerings to provide you with the flexibility you need.

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